March 2020 Support Group Meeting

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, March 10th at 6PM. Location: Monroeville Senior Citizens Center, 6000 Gateway Campus Blvd, Monroeville, Pennsylvania 15146.

We will:

1) Have a speaker Mariangela Mancuso founder of Chronic Lyme Disease Recovery. Mariagenla’s description of her services and what she will discuss:

Are you feeling misunderstood, unsupported, lost and confused in your struggle to heal from Chronic Lyme Disease? Hi, my name is Mariangela Mancuso and I am the founder of and the Facebook group Chronic Lyme Disease Recovery. I am super focused on putting Chronic Lyme Disease suffering behind you so you can get your active life back! Because I suffered with Chronic Lyme disease for over 5 years I get the devestation this illness brings to you, and your hopes to be the vibrant person you used to be. While fighting for my recovery, I found out something. There is a missing part for Lyme disease recovery in the conventional and integrative medical communities. I believe this missing part is why you continue to suffer, and why your treatments take so long to heal you. I believe, sometimes, this is why relapses happen. And this could be why your herxing is worse than it needs to be. If you are like me, you are willing to fight until you get well, but you want ways to make the suffering easier to manage while you recover. Join me to learn easy ways to stop suffering NOW.

• Over 9 years experienced as a Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner.

• An Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with over 100 hours of training in yoga for emotional and physical trauma.

• A member of Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

• A Reiki Master and Certified ThetaHealing®Practitioner.

• Certified and trained in other physical and wellness methods

For several years I have partnered with local Doctors in helping patients regain their happy lives. Contact me at

2) Discuss PA Senate Bill HB629, how you can help support and get this bill passed.

3) We started a book lending program, and these are the books that will be available:

Bitten (Kris Newby)
Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment (Connie Strasheiim) (NEW)
How can I get better? (Horowitz)
Why can’t I get better? (Horowitz)
Nick, the No Good, Icky Tick
Cure Unknown (Pamela Weintraub)
Create a Toxin-Free Body & Home Starting Today (W. Lee Cowden, Connie Strasheim)
Herbal Antibiotics (Stephen Buhner)
Mold Warriors (Ritchie Shoemaker)
Everyday Paleo (Sarah Fragoso)
Bombshell (Suzanne Somers)
Breakthrough (Suzanne Somers)
The Thyroid Solution (Ridha Arem)
Grave’s Disease In Our Own Words (Jake George, Nancy Hord Patterson)
Video: Ticking Time Bomb

4) Have lots of handouts about Lyme Disease and Tick Prevention.

5) Provide the opportunity to ask questions about Lyme and receive support from others affected by Lyme.

6) Have a google hangouts link to join the meeting remotely.

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