Pittsburgh People with Lyme Disease

Our Mission: To help educate people about treatment and prevention of Lyme Disease and to provide help and support to those affected by it.

You can reach us through a Yahoo! Mailing list, a facebook group, and an in-person support group (described below). We have also helped with the effort to pass patient rights legislation in Pennsylvania (2014 Act 83), and are always looking for volunteers who can help us to improve patient education resources in Pittsburgh.

Our blog was originally written to document the story of one group member, but has since branched out to cover science, policy, and the Lyme experience.

In-Person Support Group: Our group meets to allow others to share personal stories, to help answer any questions, and to share information about things that have helped us.

We meet on the second Tuesday of every month from 6:30-8, at CLASS (Community Living and Support Services).

The address is:
1400 S Braddock Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

Meetings are also announced on the Yahoo! Mailing list.

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Lyme Research Progresses

As a scientist with Lyme disease, the early years of my illness were distinguished by a frustrating lack of information in the published literature. I had to really dig to find relevant literature, and what literature there was seemed minimalistic, narrow, and or contradictory with either my own experience or other articles. The doctors most skilled at treating … Continue reading Lyme Research Progresses

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