Thanks, mom

I’ve been trying to think of the right way to say thank you to my mother for over two weeks now (ever since I realized mother’s day was coming up :). But it was only recently that I finally realized what I want to do.  This post is for her.

Let me start by describing some of the things she and my dad have done for me this year. Perhaps the most important, to me, is the fact that they seem to have cured my children of a series of immune dysfunction. The children started having colds that they could not lick, ear infections, and even a sinus infection once, the same year that I became symptomatic. For many months of each year they were sick more days than they were healthy. Doctors all told me not to worry, they were in the range of normal. I of course continually fought with the fear that they had Lyme disease like me. My mother felt that our basement smelt moldy, and offered to buy us a device she had found, called a Wave/Humidex. I was skeptical, but she insisted (and paid) so I had it installed. The same month it was installed, my children went back to normal (this was October) and they have been fine ever since. My interpretation is that the mold bloom we had got all of us sick, and in their case, continued exposure to mold kept them symptomatic up until this device was installed. Perhaps it gave me a boost too.

Then my mother-in-law developed extreme pain severe enough to put her in the emergency room. Five days later, the hospital was still flumoxed. My mother suggested a fairly obscure possibility that she was familiar with because it sometimes affects pregnant women. She also knew a diagnostic test for it. No one here had heard of the test, and they mostly ignored the suggestion … but in the end, with no other ideas, they tried the test (walking backwards relieved her pain) and ended up giving the diagnosis my mom had suggested days before. Thanks to her help, my mother-in-law left the hospital with the correct support in terms of physical therapists.

Next, my mom helped move my treatment forward by guessing that I might have a malfunctioning thyroid. At her insistence, I asked my lyme doctor to test my thyroid, and it was abnormal. They didn’t think it was definite and tested again, and this time it was abnormal, I’d lost 12 pounds, and had other symptoms indicating an overactive thyroid. The endocrinologist also diagnosed me with Graves opthamology. Since I now know this is an issue, I have been able to use supplements to send my thyroid condition back into remission.

In between all of this, my parents made the time to surprise me by attending my recent talk on Lyme disease, helped to repair broken plumbing in my home, mowed my lawn and made my yard beautiful, took care of my dog for over a year (and accepted it with grace and tears when I took her back), drove me to doctors, took care of my children, took care of me, and otherwise bent over backwards to help me in any way possible. All despite living a 7 hour drive away from me in New York.

So Mom (and dad, but this is a mother’s day present so you get second billing :), Thank you! I am so lucky to have parents who will never give up on me, who will do everything in their power to help me, and who can accept not having the power to lead an adult child but still provide guidance. You are my foundation and you give me strength.

One thought on “Thanks, mom

  1. Wow. What a blessing for you to have such a caring, persisitent, intuitive mom…and dad. May all they do and are come back to them sevenfold!

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