I’m giving a talk …

Having Lyme Disease has been a life changing experience for me, something I am sure I am not alone in. For me, this has meant many personal changes such as doing a better job of prioritizing those things that are central to my quality of life regardless of how I feel, managing stress, and sleeping more. It has also meant changes at work — specifically, I have begun to think about how I can leverage my work to improve our understanding of Lyme Disease. Now, I am not a doctor or microbioligist, so I cannot easily contribute some of the things I most wish for — research into the lifecycle of this disease, the best ways to kill it and so on. But as technologist, there are things I can contribute to understanding and supporting the patient experience.

My work in this area is just beginning, and has been facilitated by some of the readers of this blog (thank you!).  I have been given the opportunity to talk about some of what we are doing. I am going to be speaking at the Greater New York Lyme Neuroborreliosis Support Group on Saturday, May 2nd, at 12:00. The location is the NYU Langone Medical Center, NY, Auditorium B 550 First Avenue, New York NY.

My talk will be about the Impact of Online Information on Individuals with Lyme disease: Potential and pitfalls. I will discuss a series of projects exploring the impact of online information on individuals with Lyme disease. I will speak about some of the ways in which the Internet can help or harm individuals, including the type of context that should be more visible and work that is being done to understand how online information is currently used in Lyme disease. I will also discuss emerging technologies to that can be used to manage Lyme disease by health professionals and patients.

Right after me, there will be a second talk, by Ute Frevert, titled: Imaging Lyme Neuroborreliosis in an Animal Model.

This recently funded multistage study at NYU is the pivotal element of the NYU Lyme disease research program. I will be demonstrating our research aimed at establishing an animal model of Lyme disease patterned after our work on Malaria. I will be discussing in great detail the life cycle of the organisms, and demonstrating our research model using a technique called digital wide field fluorescence microscopy to show how the bacteria migrates from the skin to systemic organs including the brain, and the response of the immune system to infection.

Ute Frevert DVM Department of Medical Parasitology New York University Medical Center

Please pass the word to people who may be interested.. For more information contact David S. Younger, MD (212) 535-4314 david.younger@nyumc.org.

Lunch will be provided.

Sponsored by: http://www.NeurologyResearch.org http://www.med.nyu.edu/neuromuscular

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