Public service announcements

There are two things that have come across my inbox recently that I want to share with all of you.

First, there is the possibility that if the Lyme community generates enough discussion, Oprah might take an interest in doing a show on Lyme disease. Dr. Oz, a physician commonly featured on Oprah, has already done a radio show about lyme disease (I believe a copy of it is available here). The Lyme Disease Research Blog has a nice post about why it is important to make this happen. You can help by leaving comments on Oprah’s forum (there’s a lyme disease discussion) or by emailing Dr. Oz.

Second, Pamela Weintraub, author of my favorite Lyme book (“Cure Unknown”) has started a blog called Emerging Diseases (interestingly she originally called it Contested Diseases). She’s made 3 or 4 posts to it so far, all excerpts from her book, but plans to expand this to include new research and discussions about a variety of contested diseases (including Lyme Disease).

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