What a week

Well, it seems my “flare up” is finally over. That makes me very happy, as the pounding headaches, fatigue, and difficulty thinking/concetrating were one of the worst flare ups I’ve experienced. I’m sure that it was made worse in large part because instead of following my own advice I was trying desperately to do exactly what my body did not want — concentrate, write, and produce good work for the CHI deadline. Luckily even the worst days usually included an hour or two when I could do so without pain, but I was dumb enough to try for more on some days (or at least push the edge by doing relevant busy work instead of leaving work aside).

That said, I’m proud to say that my students and collaborators and I submitted 4 papers (three longs and a short) to CHI this year. Not bad considering I effectively had one hand tied behind my back :).

Those of you familiar with CHI might be wondering, under the circumstances, why it was that I made a post to my blog on Friday before the CHI deadline had past. My best explanation is that as I approached the CHI deadline, it became increasingly clear to me just how important it is to me to find a cure. And the current horrid state of affairs is that not only is there no cure, but folks are arguing over whether what I have even exists. This affects the treatment available to patients, the funding available to researchers, and the public health measures being taken to prevent the spread of the disease or educate people about it.

So there I was trying to work on my CHI papers, and instead I found myself calling the offices of senators and congressmen. I guess it’s not surprise how important this is to me — how about you? if you’re taking the time to read this, maybe you can take the time to make a phone call too.

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