Take action!

This is just a reminder to anyone with lyme or a loved one with lyme that there is a lot of work to be done in terms of supporting patients rights and a strong research agenda. One thing that needs attention right now is talking to members of congress about two Lyme bills (HR 741/S1708) that are currently held up in commitee.

If you wish to help educate congress about these issues, you can find lots of details on the Lyme Disease Association  Legislation Website. You can make a difference with just a few phone calls!

4 thoughts on “Take action!

  1. 24 surgeries, Babesia, Borrelia, erhlicilosis and now optical auras that can only be stopped with electric treatments. My life as a registered nurse, mother, grandmother, and avid tennis player came to a stop in Aug. of 1989. The hell we all go through is unjustified. Please call me at 719-440-9915. I thought the brain anuerism rupture was the worst thing I would ever have happen. How wrong I was. Why is no one getting though to the medical community. We are where AIDS was in 1980. I would gladly help if someone would contact me. pam482@hotmail.com Thanks for listening.

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