More information on treatment options

I feel as if suddenly a world of information is opening up to me about treatment options. My ID doctor in Pittsburgh and my LLMD (Lyme Literate MD) in NY are willing to work together, my MD/Homeopath is supporting and supplementing, and everything from Pamela Weintraub’s book to emails from complete strangers seems to be pointing in this direction. My symptoms are improving, and my LLMD says I should expect monthly improvements or we have the meds wrong. Things are looking good.

Funny, then, that I can’t help questioning aspects of my treatment even as I embark on it. The more I learn about lyme, the more plausible treatments such as the Marshall Protocol sound, or alternately a mixed approach where alternative medicines and antibiotics are applied in concert to address a wide range of issues from lyme (and its many forms) to a variety of co-infections. The Marshall Protocol is in direct conflict with my current approach, though I have it in mind as a next step if this doesn’t work. The multi system, multi infection mixed approach can be boosted beyond my current level. Step one is to add Mepron to my antibiotics (an anti-parasitic safe enough that it is sometimes taken prophylactically), and follow that by anti-parasitic supplements. Mepron was recommended by my LLMD, and the choice was approved of by everyone I’ve spoken with

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