The daily antibiotic…

Well I’m almost two months into the daily antibiotic experiment “with an n of one” as my ID doc in Pittsburgh says. Is it working? Hard to say. it’s hard not to believe they’re doing something … I seem to feel better, and psychologically I love the fact that I’m taking some action, however uncertain.

So what’s it like day to day? The particular one I’m on can only be taken two hours on either side from food. Not easy for a consummate snacker like myself. Worse, I can’t do start/end of day because it’s very important that I take pro-biotics (sacromyces, in particular) after my antibiotics. So I have to be up for at least 2 hours after I take the antibiotic. I’ve settled on taking them when I wake up/at 3pm and just not snacking between lunch and dinner. Unlike the IV antibiotics I don’t need to provide a litany of advice here — taking antibiotics for a month or two is not all that different from taking antibiotics for a week.

My teeth turned grey due to the antibiotics...
My teeth turned grey due to the antibiotics…

One reaction that I could do without is that they make my teeth black (not unexpected given that it had happened during the IV treatment as well, and is a commonly known side effect of long term doxycyclin, an antibiotic very similar to the one I’m on). My dentist was kind enough to do a mid-antibiotic cleaning with another planned for after I’m done, and they’re currently back to white (we’ll see how long that lasts!)

At the start, the antibiotics made me feel drunk for hours on end (on day two it lasted 8 hours). After that passed it was an hour or two a day for a while, now

... and the dentist turned them white again
…and the dentist turned them white again

that’s pretty much behind me. However a different form of dizziness I experienced even before the antibiotics has become more severe: I find that every time I change height (e.g. sit to stand; lie to sit; etc) I feel dizzy and sometimes almost black out. I hold on to the nearest surface and it usually passes very quickly.

4 thoughts on “The daily antibiotic…

  1. Orthostatic hypotension is very common in lymmies ( and that is what you have with the dizziness and almost passing out). Its VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY common with the coinfection BABESIA. Just giving u a heads up.

  2. Thanks! I’m pretty sure I was tested for babesia and it came up negative, but I’m not sure how accurate that test is. My Homeopath/MD says it’s a symptom of adrenal fatigue, but that’s not something you can prove either as far as I can tell.

  3. My LLMD says that it’s practically impossible to test for babesia because there’s only a test for one of the possible 14 strains, and the one sometimes gives false results anyway.

    So he’s treating me symptomatically, as if I may have babesia. He knows I have lyme.

    I’m not sure I do have babs, but it sounds like you do: air hunger, and orthostatic hypotension.

    My holistic doc tries to directly support my adrenals to combat fatigue, but I think it’s not really that effective – that instead just getting the lyme under control will make all the adrenal problems go away.

    My 2 cents. Best wishes.

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