On antibiotics again, provigil

It’s been a long month, with lots of ups and downs. Two periods of feeling like myself (one going on right now :). In between I started antibiotics again (I’m now one month in, and aside from black teeth (and dizziness/a feeling of drunkenness mostly at the beginning) the other big difference is that I can’t remember having had a headache in a while :).

I also tried Provigil 3 times. Aide from a wierd episode of uncontrollable blinking, I think it gave me a little more stamina when I was tired, but it wasn’t an outstanding effect (and it was mostly overwhelmed by the fact that I was exhausted by traveling).

The other good news was the fact that I made it a total of 7 whole weeks between bad colds (end of April to June 22). However, the June 22nd cold was as debilitating as the one in April, if not more. My reaction to colds seems to be getting worse (my MD/Homeopath says it’s because I’m in adrenal fatigue; the Mayo clinic of course claims such a thing doesn’t exist). All I know is, if I start getting colds like this more frequently when the kids go back to school in the fall, it will be a very difficult semester.

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