Antibiotics again? Patience and waiting?

I spent 1.5 hours meeting with an excellent doctor last week. He made time in his schedule to see me on short notice, and spent an hour and a half talking to me about his understanding of lyme disease. This doctor has conducted one of the only double-blind, placebo controlled studies of the benefits of a second round of antibiotics (meaning that his study had 3 groups of patients and no one conducting tests knew who was in which group — 1 without lyme, one with lyme but on placebo, and one with lyme and getting drugs). Even better, his study focused specifically on people with neurological symptoms (like me). I went to his office with some very specific questions, a primary one of which was: would I benefit from additional antibiotic therapy. In his opinion, the answer was yes.

So now the question is — do I believe him? Do I follow his advice? (and if I do then of course I have to find a doctor who will support me — he doesn’t have a clinical practice). I find that even though the science isn’t certain my gut says yes … but maybe part of that was the joy of hearing someone say they could fix me (always the optimist it’s hard for me to remember that people have said that to me before and then failed). Even so, when my MD/homeopath says to give her more time and she will make me better, I am more skeptical about her ability to succeed despite the fact that she *is* helping me and hasn’t given up on making me better yet.

Logic reminds me that I have no conclusive evidence for any of the hypotheses mentioned in my last post. Either doc could be right. I also have to remind myself that I *am* somewhat better compared to the fall. What symptoms remain could be lyme … or something else. The improvements could be because of the antibiotics … or because I’m sleeping 1/3 more than in the past. The cure could be time … or natural methods … or antibiotics. The only answer is to experiment on myself — try one thing or another and see what happens. Which experiment is least bad?

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