Improving again

I’m happy to say things are starting to improve again. My pain is reduced, as is my fatigue. Lymph nodes still haven’t dropped down and almost all my symptoms are still there, but lessening in intensity.

Now I have to figure out why, if there is a why. I’ve been pushing hard this week to find a routine that works for me. In addition to protecting my sleep more carefully, I started doing salt baths 2 or 3 days ago (essentially turning my bathtub water into warm ocean water). I’m also doing Yoga (did it a restorative style class twice last week) and am trying to do pranayama daily. I started new diet last tuesday (due to hypoglycemia diagnosed by a new type doc, a kinesiologist: Lots of veggies and fruit, tons of protein including quinoa, sprouted wheat, lots of meat, lots of red meat, lots of nuts, no beans, etc.). I think I’m in exploration mode — trying lots of different styles of treatment, doctors, physical and restful activities. I guess the next step is to narrow down to the ones that are most helpful.

I’ve also gotten a better handle on things mentally. I have contingency plans so I can relax into not setting a timeline for when I will get better. Now I’m working on enjoying where I’m at — things such as the opportunity I have to focus on enriching activities like yoga and painting and reading.

Also, I think I’ve finally found a routine that works for my day … mornings are always busy with the kids, but then I work a little, take a nap and eat lunch, go to yoga class or to other appointments. Then comes kid time again — play, dinner, bed and so on. After bed, another hour of work, then an hour with my husband and some food and tea, then bed. I’m trying to insert some exercise and yoga into the evening end of my day as well, we’ll see how that goes.

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