The PIC line is gone… what now?

I looked forward to today with such anticipation, I had no idea how much I wanted that line out of me until it began to approach. I guess that’s my brain avoiding cognitive dissonance. In any case, I had grand plans for the day: a long bath without any plastic protecting my arm, and a long nap afterwards.

The day was everything I hoped… and yet more of a let down than I anticipated. As more than one person has asked me in the past few days … “what now”? I know the answer, but it’s not quite what I wish it were … continue on the slow road to recovery. I guess that’s one of the things this blog will document.

4 thoughts on “The PIC line is gone… what now?

  1. hello I have had lyme disease for 7 yrs and the doctors said there was nothing wrong anyways this was a long road to recovery i got my picc line in dec im still on the richipin once a day I just got a new picc the old one cracked it was in for 9 months im not really feeling any better yet im still hoping for a mircle it took me so long to get where i am today finally someone listened but i dont know if im ever going to get my life back I have to take phenagan neussa med iv ever six hours and pain meds because my legs and hands and head hurts so bad every min of every day I just started back to school and it helps get me up but im so tired i dont know what to do my hope is to write a book soon about my struggkes and hopes and dreams well thank u for sharing Lisa Changet

  2. HI Lisa,

    It sounds like you’ve had a long and difficult journey. I’m glad you were able to find the support you needed. To rise out of these difficulties and start school again is an achievement you should be proud of! I look forward to your book, but I hope you are able to focus right now on getting well. Have you joined a support group in your area, that can be a great sources of information and understanding.

    All the best.


  3. Thank you Jen , I lost my doctor and took two months to find another one and we found co infections its getting harder with all these co infections i am still in school media and flm because I want to do documentrys on this horrible disease and write . I want to write my story and help others you can find me on facebook under Lisa Plott god bless and keep fighting

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