Finding a Massage Therapist

It is not easy to find the perfect Massage Therapist, but the journey is truly worth the effort. If you don’t find a good match, someone with a style that really works for you, you will still enjoy your massage. However, when you do find that perfect match, you will leave the massage table looking and feeling deeply healthy in a way that is hard to describe. It’s worth the effort!

My first massage happened sometime in mid-September, as a result of a recommendation from a friend that came with a gift certificate. It gave me great relief from my symptoms, and I might have gone back to see that person, had my husband not lit a fire under me to actively create a cure/identify the cause of my illness. Instead, I acknowledged that her massage had not addressed my issues at the level I hoped, and I set out to find the perfect Massage Therapist. She did not press and hold on areas that needed release (a technique I had become familiar with during a previous period when I needed massage and knew to be more effective at reducing knots for longer). Also, she was uncomfortable massaging my lymph nodes, something I thought I needed at the time (a mistake).

My next recommendation came from my MD/homeopath, for a highly experienced woman who was even willing to come to my home. She came to visit at the very beginning of October, and gave a wonderful massage. Still, I felt that the deep, lengthy pressure I was looking for was not present. Also, she was willing to massage my lymph nodes, and the next day they were sore. I kept her number, but continued to search.

My last recommendation came from a colleague at work. My colleague had apparently told her Massage Therapist about me before I called, as she took the time to ask a number of questions during our initial phone conversation. In fact, she diagnosed me just during that conversation! In person, her style of massage was a perfect fit to my needs, and I continued to see her at least once every 2 weeks from my first massage with her on October 9th until the end of December. Her ministrations helped to relieve my symptoms and encouraged my body to heal during the peak of my illness. Like my first Massage Therapist, she refused to do lymphatic drainage massage. However, her refusal came with a clear explanation of why, and advice on how to find someone who was qualified to help. In addition to giving excellent massages, she was a good listener and gave advice (only) where she had the knowledge to be of help. I am so lucky to have met her.

6 thoughts on “Finding a Massage Therapist

  1. massage therapists are not licensed to diagnose. they may have a ton of knowledge on your subject, but cant say ” yes, you have Lyme disease” we are not dr’s, but can only refer you to see a dr. I am happy that you sought relief thuogh and that things are working out for you! :)

  2. Understood, I meant diagnosis in the lay sense — she simply recommended that I get tested for it, which no doctor had thought to do, nor had I.

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