Flu-like symptoms brought on by late nights

Right after the fatigue returned, I developed flu-like symptoms, probably also brought on by the late nights causing my Lyme disease to progress. However, with two young children who don’t sleep through the night attending school and catching colds and the flu themselves, it was naturally assumed that the events reported below were simply a case of an immune system weakened by lack of sleep allowing me to catch everything I came into contact with.

April 6th … started to be nauseous on 4/5, worse in morning, with pain and weakness and muscle pain in back. took homeopathic ipecac about 4 times, nausea is reduced but other symptoms continue

April 7th … had diarrhea all night, but have been well all day, with almost no symptoms besides weakness from lack of food. ate, biked, etc. lymph nodes still slightly swollen

April 10th … Had cold symptoms. Seems to have cleared up by evening. Getting more sleep would probably help a lot.

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