Fatigue lifts and returns … Could it be mold?

I was relieved when the heavy fatigue I had had over christmas/new years was gone by sometime in February/March. I don’t remember much else about last spring, in fact one of the things affected by Lyme in my case is my ability to remember things. However, I do recall having serial colds during all of it. Like clockwork, every two weeks, a new cold would start. One week later it would start to clear up and then a week after that another cold would start. Also, I know that by early April I had developed regular neck pain and stiffness.

In March, we discovered a serious case of mold due to a hidden leak in our bathroom (something my MD/homeopath had actually asked about when my fatigue began), and that led us down the wrong path and probably delayed the final diagnosis of my illness. I just assumed, during this period, that my immune system wasn’t quite up to snuff, because of a combination of mold, late nights, interrupted sleep (due to young kids) and constant attacks of colds, etc. because Kavi had started school. I worked with my MD/homeopath to try to boost my immune system and worked on my lifestyle to include more rest. However, I also noted that my lymph nodes were swollen every evening, and this concerned me.

In early April when we started removing the mold (3/31/07), I even had a relapse (on 4/4/07). This relapse also coincided with a paper deadline. I didn’t make the connection to the late nights until December 2007, but I did make an appointment to see my MD/homeopath. She continued to work with me on immune boosters.

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